w e d d i n g – Becky & Mark

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I have known Becky for about 10 years now. She first started to visit me when I was plucking eyebrows at MAC in David Jones and she soon became a regular client. Then, after I left MAC I would go and visit her office and she would book a meeting room for me. I would pluck her and her colleagues in a boardroom overlooking the harbour. It was a genius idea, they never had to leave their office building but they could maintain a beauty routine. I would visit every 6 weeks and it was great…they would be back at their desks before their boss’s would notice!

We lost contact whilst she changed jobs and had babies. But, she found me again and it was exciting to hear that Mark and her had decided to get married after 15 years of being together. I put up my hand to do the makeup and I was honoured to be part of their big day.

So beautiful. So effortless. And it makes me feel mighty grateful that I could be a part of Becky's big day.

m a k e u p   b r e a k d o w n :

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