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It really was a perfect day for shooting.

Kerstin from Lilli Kad Photography, Gwendolynne Bridal Design and myself had been planning this shoot for ages. We set a date, gowns were sent, our gorgeous model Jade was booked and we were ready to rock and roll. Don’t you love it when the stars align?

Gwendolynne sent us 3 beautiful dresses for Jade to wear and each one of them was as stunning as the next.

The style of the shoot was soft and muted creating a dreamy sensation with the imagery. Kerstin is a magician with this kind of photography!

Blessed Days set up a beautiful wedding table with styled flowers and beautiful cutlery and table settings.

Luc from YM Salon created a couple of different hair looks including an inverted braid. Jade our model has the most incredible volume of hair so it was easy to create texture.

The brief for the makeup was simple, ethereal and non-distracting. We really wanted the dresses and the backdrop to be the main focus and I think we achieved that!


Jade has wonderful skin so we used Face & Body as her foundation and used Moisture Cover concealer to eradicate dark circles.

I wanted to keep the makeup ethereal so I used a soft blush on her cheeks called Dainty by MAC. I then swept this over her eyelids too.

I then very softly contoured her eyes with a great MAC eyeshadow called Kid using a very soft blending brush (#217).

Mascara on her lashes and light cream colour pencil on her waterline gave Jade a fresh and open eye.

I used a soft lipstick called Fabby on the lips just applied with my finger to create a stained effect.

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