n a t a s h a & matt

Natasha & Matt

I don’t actually remember how Natasha came to me but I’m glad she did. What a beautiful soul she is. There were so many elements I loved about this wedding. It was simple and the celebration was a surprise…even to her bridesmaid!

They had gathered all their friends and family for an engagement party and caught everyone off guard by actually having the wedding then and there. Natasha said that she didn’t want the fuss and expense of a big wedding but wanted to mark the big occasion sharing it with their close friend, family and their son. Celebrating in Matt’s parents backyard which they had decorated with flowers from the flowers markets was the perfect laid-back backdrop.

Natasha has amazing skin, it is absolutely flawless so we didn’t need much foundation at all. A quick touch of Pro Longwear concealer under the eyes and a sweep of face and body foundation set with some sheer powder is all that she needed. Lots of lashes and a black Chromaline Gel liner to define and extend the lash line. The eyeshadow colours on the lid were kept neutral with retrospeck and kid in the contour.

Natasha finishing touchesNatasha happy

A great tip for opening up the eyes is to use a light coloured pencil on the lower inner waterline. White can look a bit stark and unnatural so instead I tend to use a concealer pencil called Studio Chromagraphic Pencil in NW20. By putting it along the lash line it attracts light to the area creating a fresher more wide-eyed look. This is a great trick when you are tired (or hungover!)

Natasha Beauty

Natasha - marganphotography.com

The photos are stunning and I think they can be best described as natural & honest. Margan Photography have captured the day earnestly and the happy couple look effortlessly calm and stylish.

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