Greta & Rumesh

Bridal m a k e u p  breakdown

I landed back in Sydney from my honeymoon in Africa on the 26th December at 10.30pm. I arrived at Greta’s family home on the 27th December at 6am to start makeup for her big day! Yep thats a matter of hours!! I didn't even have time to be tired and any jet lag I was feeling was replaced by excitement. I committed to being involved because Greta has such a kind and warm soul so I didn't want to miss out on seeing her on her big day. Nothing gets in the way of me being able to do what I LOVE.

Greta prep room greta prep

For an early start, everyone was remarkably perky and fresh. Ready to rock and roll!! The first thing I noticed about all the bridesmaids was their friendship & love for one another. All 6 of them! It was going to be a busy morning.

 greta cheers maids

The girls were going to be wearing a flattering pewter blue dress so I wanted to work a suitable colour scheme into the makeup. FYI just because you are wearing a blue dress, does NOT mean you should wear blue eyeshadow!! I kept the eyeshadows on the cooler side by incorporating Vex, Copperplate and Scene on the eyelid. I buffed Club eyeshadow over the top of Chromaline. This is an amazing eyeshadow as it is a double tone. It is a warm brown base with a green shimmer layered on top, it suits everyone!

Greta dressing greta dressing coy

I think we can all agree that Greta's skin is glowing and super smooth. I had encouraged her to exfoliate a couple of times a week in the lead up to the big day and it shows. I mixed Studio Fix Fluid with a mixing medium to create a silky flawless finish.

Greta closeup Greta down

Greta has beautiful green eyes so we started on the lid with Woodwinked and blended her socket with Antiqued and then intensified it with Embark. I popped All That Glitters on the inner part of the eye to ping open Greta's eyes, this a great trick to compliment emerald coloured eyes. I wanted her lashes to look long and lustrous so I applied black gel liner Chromaline along her lash line.

greta doorway Greta earring

Greta had her braces off only a matter of weeks before the wedding and she could not stop smiling and showing her beautiful pearlers off. We still wanted to keep the lips neutral as we wanted to accentuate her eyes so I applied Modesty Lipstick with Big Baby Plushglass gloss over the top.

greta & maids

Thank you to Callan Robison Photography for sharing the beautiful images of Greta's big day. You are such a talent and a delight to work with.

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  1. What a beautiful bride and bridal party. The makeup is stunning Martha!

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