Gabby & Peter

I have known Gabby’s family for years but I hadn’t met her until recently.

It is a highlight and pleasure to be asked to do the makeup for any wedding but it is particularly special when you feel like you know the bride and family already. I have been plucking the sister-in-laws for the past 8 years and I have seen many weddings, pregnancies and have enjoyed seeing the kids grow-up. Gabbys wedding was a memorable day for everyone and one that I am proud to have been a part of.

Gabby is the youngest and the only girl amongst 4 brothers. Being the only girl in the household she has sass and a great cheeky nature. She has a smile that lights up her face and is an effortless beauty. Gabby really wanted to look like herself as all brides do but wanted to still emphasise her eyes. We chose to keep the lid a lighter colour but around the eyeline we kept it defined with MAC Black Chromaline and smoked it with a fabulous eyeshadow called Sketch. Its a great shade for brown and hazel eyes and has a slight antique mulberry hue to it. We used a colour called Modesty (MAC) on the lips which is a beautiful soft pink. This is a fantastic colour for those that want a natural every day tone or for when the eyes are heavily defined.

I am a firm believer that a makeup isn’t complete until the fake lashes are on. We used longer individual lashes (Ardell) on the outside edges and tapered them to shorter ones on the inner part of the eye. 

Gabby is lucky to have naturally beautiful brows so it was an easy job for me. We just needed a little balancing and we also needed to prevent her arches from peaking at too much of an angle. We filled them in using a great eyeshadow colour called Charcoal Brown (MAC) with an angled brow brush. 

The bridesmaids wore dresses they had each chosen around a neutral palette. I love it when brides let the girls chose an outfit they are comfortable with, I think its really important for everyone to wear their outfits proud! We kept the makeup simple, a colour called satin taupe (MAC) is a colour that can adapt to everyones skin tone. It is a mushroom hue with pink shimmer and is great on the lid or even as a soft contour. 

As I was finishing the makeup for the girls, Stuart Leal arrived and started capturing the final touches. He is a photographer based in Drummoyne and he did a great job. Gabby and the girls look super comfortable in front of the camera and Stuart captured the happiness and celebration beautifully.

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