f a i r y t a l e

A warehouse space.   Stunning Gowns.   A photographer with a fairytale vision.

“In the Q u i e t”

We hired a fantastic space in Lilyfield called Legs on the Wall which used to be a Parachute Hall. The light is amazing first thing in the morning and it is a space that can capture and cast shadows in just the right place. Kerstin from Lillikad is my favourite photographer to work with and she has again used her magical eye and lens to time stamp the dreamy “Sleeping Beauty” story behind this photoshoot.

Celine, our gorgeous model absolutely loved wearing the gowns by Karen Willis Holmes and it shows in the photos. She has such a youthful and innocent look to her and it was perfect for the feel of the shoot.

The amazing floristry was created by Oh Flora, it was a treat to be able to watch how another artist works and produces their art.

m a k e u p  b r e a k d o w n

  • Base: When you are working with amazingly even skin, keep it light and fresh! Face & Body Foundation mixed with Fix + Spray and buffed in with 189 Brush
  • Eyebrows: Clear Eyebrow Gel

Can you believe I did the hair??? Celine had A LOT of hair to work with so it did test my capabilities but I think after all these years of working in a hair salon and witnessing the handiwork of hairdressers I know my way around a head… Or at least I can bluff it! In fact, I love it. I love the challenge. Its in my nature to break things down and I love to work out how things work and why they look good. I am pretty chuffed with the results!

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Photography: Lillikad Photography     Floral Styling: Oh Flora     Beautiful Gowns: Karen Willis Holmes 

Stationary:  The Little Press      Model: Celine @ Brazen Models

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