anouche & tom

r a i n

You can plan everything to the finest detail. And then on your wedding day, it  r  a  i  n  s .

And it doesn't   s  t  o  p  !

Anouche was calm and it didn't faze her the slightest about the dreary skies. She has been coming to me for 8 years for brow maintenance and I love our pommy banter and catchups. It was important to have people involved in the day that she knew and felt cofmortable with. An unsual quirk of the day was her hairdresser doubled up as her photographer too. Oh to be that creative and multi-talented…I wish! Matt did an epic job of capturing the spirit of the day and I’m pretty sure he got to enjoy the party later on 🙂

anouche makeup anouche prep

The theme to this makeup was m i n i m a l. Anouche was adamant that Tom needed to recognise her as she walked in. It was going to be a low key event held in the private dining room at Balmoral Bathers and I don't think anyone was expecting her to be wearing a wedding dress. She sure showed them and she was positively glowing. No amount of wet weather was going to get in the way of a good time.

Anouche & Tom Anouche open door anouche tom sitting

So what delightful products did I use on this beauty and what tips can I share??

B a s e - Anouche has struggled with her skin this past year and we were very conscious of creating a base that covered but didn't mask. My biggest tip would be to still use a light-medium coverage like Face & Body and then conceal any spots, scars or redness with concealer. A great tip to cover pimples is to use a fluffy brush to apply Mineralise Skin Finish Powder…it deflects the light and creates a smooth finish.

E y e s - How did I make her baby blues pop? Soft lemony golds…the eyeshadow I used is called Spring up but it has been discontinued….not particularly helpful i know!! But you could use something like Retrospeck and Goldmine mixed together.

B r o w s - I am a big fan of the MAC Big Brow Pencil in Fling for us blondies. The colour and texture is perfect. It is also super easy to use and requires minimal blending. Eyebrow hair can naturally be a mixed bag of colours so I love to use a coloured brow gel…on Avouch I used “Emphatically Blonde” by MAC.

L i p s - How do you pick a natural shade of lipstick? Think of finding something that is like a “foundation” for your lips. You match the colour of your normal foundation to your skin so why not seek out a lip colour that is closest to your natural shade. And oooooomph it up with some gloss like the PLushglass range from MAC.

Anouche window

What did I love about this wedding? Firstly, I got be involved in Anouche’s big day (obviously!). But her easy breezy nature is what weddings should be about….don’t sweat the small stuff & the rain…just revel in the company of your loved ones and have a bloody good time!


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