b r a s i l f i t

So it would seem that I am getting a reputation for being able to multi-task....

Brasilfit sweaty




That last part cracks me up. I feel like I only have one facial expression but apparently not haha!

So what makeup do you do when you are trying to look serious about exercise? I wanted to create something that looked like I hadn't put anything on at all which can sometimes be more difficult than something more stylised.

Foundation: I used Face and Body Foundation because it can be buffed with a #187 brush and it looks like dewy skin. I was pretty tanned for this shoot which was all natural….much better for the appearance of cellulite but not so good for the ageing process (naughty Martha!).

Brasilfit stretch

Bronzer: I created depth and warmth to the face by using Shadster by MAC using a big brush. I accentuated my cheekbones by starting in line with the top of my ear and sweeping it inwards following along the underside of the bone. I also swept it softly into the contour of my eye to give the illusion of a socket.

Brasilfit weight

Highlight: I popped a flash of lighter shadow like Ricepaper onto the centre of my eyelid to ping open the eye.

Brasilfit Running

Brows: Serious exercise requires defined brows. I used Grey Shadow by Bobbi Brown with my small angled #208 brush. I then blended with a mascara wand and set with a clear brow gel.

BrasilFit ring

Hair: Slick and aero-dynamic right? I used Unite Liqui Versa Gel…I love this product. It smells of Watermelon and I use it on days when I am being a bit lazy and don't want to wash my hair….its great for us short haired gals.

Brasilfit trail run

Oh and then there is the whole sweat thing….I rubbed coconut oil on my exposed skin and then spritzed it with water to create that “glow”.

Have you used Brasilfit work-out gear before? I hadn't before this shoot and I’m now a convert. They have fun patterns and the tights have great stretch (but also suck in the bits we need help with). They have a reasonable price point...so now I can look fabulous when I exercise...even though I'm dying on the inside!

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