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Bring it on!!

Winter is officially over and I say gooooooood riddance. I know we are still 3 months off summer but I feel Spring is a good compromise. The days are longer, the weather is (usually) better and everyone seems to be in a better mood!

So, the stockings get put away and perhaps you may even start wearing a skirt or 2. Exciting! Now, if you are anything like me, I have a tendency to get dry skin, especially during the colder months. Like a snake. Its gross.

The key here is to exfoliate. Get those disgusting dry skin cells off your body now!! What do I use? Well I’m still a fan of Frank Body Scrub. It smells delicious and it leaves your body feeling like velvet. Yes, it is messy but it is worth it.


Messy but I smell delicious!!

Messy but I smell delicious!!

I also love the Aesop Geranium Body Exfoliant. A little bit of this really does go a long way and scrubbing with this will leave you feeling refreshed and polished.

And then what next??

Hydrate! I am not faithful to any particular moisturiser. To be honest I make use of Priceline’s 50% off sales. They have a huge range. The only body cream that I would say I haven't been a big fan of is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Intensive Relief as I find it is one of those ones that leaves white streaks which are hard to rub in.

I LOVE Bio Oil, I baste myself in it, if they sold it in a litre bottle I would buy a dozen!

So shiney. So hydrated!!!

So shiney. So hydrated!!!

Also, try lathering yourself with coconut oil. Its great for dry patches even for us eczema sufferers!

So start prepping that skin of yours…before you know it, you will be in a summer dress and you will be flashing those luscious glowing limbs!


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