the p l u n g e II

I  l o v e it when the nights are lighter for longer... spring is here and summer will be sure to follow, oh yes!

It was time for The Plunge Collective to showcase their next range of kaftans and I was one happy chappy to be involved again! Their debut range has been a great success and Founder/Director Olivia has been super busy creating 8 new prints of kaftans, dresses and tops. Fun, flirty and versatile, I want one of each! We had 24 outfits to work through which meant that it was going to be a busy day.

Chantelle our beautiful model was flown up from Melbourne and she made my job incredibly easy. I don't think I have ever worked with such a polite and hard-working model. Her energy is contagious and she has a natural knack for getting each pose perfect. I did not envy talented Photographer Andrew Barbaczy’s job of sorting through all the images after….there would have been too many corkers!

Plunge_Lookbook_0234_800_x_1200 Plunge_Lookbook_0419 Plunge_Lookbook_0857_800_x_1200 Plunge_Lookbook_1265_1_1200_x_800 Plunge_Lookbook_1637 Plunge_Lookbook_1761 Plunge_Lookbook_1386_1200_x_800Plunge_Lookbook_2535

Break it d o w n:

  • P e r f e c t  S K I N means minimal foundation. It is all about prepping the skin. Buffing MAC Prep & Prime Essential Oil into the skin to hydrate meant that the skin already had a radiance before the foundation. Using oil doesn't have to mean that it is going to cause acne FYI….think of it as super hydration which will get absorbed with no residue.
  • I knew that I didn't want one feature to stand out so I decided that I was going to stick to N E U T R A L tones that tied in together. MAC have a beautiful creme blush called Uncommon which I knew would work beautiful on the eyes too. Buffing it on with a fluffy #217 brush and then laying matte brown eyeshadow Taupe by Bobbi Brown over the top. I used a great MAC Kohl Pencil called Costa Riche and smudged it along the lash-line. It was then intensified by applying Embark eyeshadow over the top. The ruddiness of the pencil and eyeshadow really brought out Chantelle’s beautiful eyes. I lightened the inner part of her eye with Orb eyeshadow, this attracted light to her eyes creating an open-eyed look.
  • How do you C O N T O U R when you want to keep the skin looking fresh and dewy? You can use a creme based product, like a darker foundation. I used the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Number to 6 contour Chantelle’s cheeks.
  • Uncommon creme B L U S H was applied on the apples of the cheeks.
  • When you want to H I G H L I G H T the face its important to stick to the high points of the face. For this shoot I applied Hush Cream Colour Base along the top of Chantelle’s cheekbones, on her brow bone and also at the top of her cupids bow on her lips.
  • To keep the palette consistent I used the creme blush Uncommon on her L I P S and outlined it with Subculture lipliner.

If anyone is loving the jewellery as much as me then go to Susan Drivers website and try to resist. Kaftans and tropical jewellery....luckily christmas is coming!!


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