s m o k e it.

Make it soft.
Blur it.
Soooooo many pencils!

Soooooo many pencils!

Pencil is the most forgiving of liners as it can be smudged easily into a smokier look by using a variety of tools and techniques.

The first step is to always make sure that your pencil is sharp even if you know you want to soften the liner. I find the wind up pencils are lovely and soft but they tend to not allow for a sharpened tip which will mean your line will be thicker.

So how do you soften a line? Lets try to avoid using cotton tips shall we? There are a lot of brushes out there to choose from so here are a couple of tips:

Angled Brush - This is usually made of a synthetic fibre. The shorter edge will always lead the way. By using this brush, you will soften the line and keep the pigment of the liner looking consistent. It will be harder to spread the eyeliner thicker using an angled brush

Small brush - This is great for softening and dispersing the liner out of its defined state. It is like a small shadow brush, the softer edges means that it will spread the product so will soften the line

Pencil brush - Why not intensify the liner by laying some eyeshadow over the top of the pencil. The moisture of the pencil will help the shadow stick and the colour will be intensified. The brush is a small dome shape so it will help soften the line whilst the colour  builds.

Smudge it. Smoke it. Blur it.

Smudge it. Smoke it. Blur it.


I like to tip my head back and keep both eyes open. Otherwise, I find the skin tends to pucker (this is only going to get worse as our eyelids age unfortunately 🙁 ) By using a dot-to-dot method I find the pencil will stay nice and snug to the lash line.

Remember, be patient. Eyeliner takes practise, the more you do it, the better you will be...I promise!

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