one m a k e u p product

If you couldn't live without one makeup product, what would it be?

It is a tough question. I will leave you to have a little think…..

So, for me it would have to be CONCEALER. One product that I think is magical.

10 Hours sleep in a tube!!

10 Hours sleep in a tube!!

I know, I were expecting me to say an eyebrow product. I am full of surprises!

Apply a fine layer using your ring finger or soft brush and instantly any tiredness is hidden. I have a theory: If you don't look tired, you don't feel as tired. Fact! If you look into a mirror and you see bags, your body language changes and the exhaustion takes over. It's disappointing. Concealer will keep those comments “you look tired” at bay….because who EVER wants to hear that?????

Dot it on a pimple and instantly you feel less like a pubescent teenager. I hate the little buggers, its the only thing that I can look at in the mirror when I have one. I also have a sister who thoroughly enjoys asking who my new “mate” is….even over skype. Hide it, straightaway!

Depending on the concealer, you could even mix it with a bit of moisturiser. This will create a thin foundation-like base which will just veil the slight imperfections. Depending on the consistency you could apply it with a sponge, your fingers or brushes.

Use a brush to create a flawless finish.

Use a brush to create a flawless finish.

Voila! xx

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