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Find a mascara that has the right wand for you.

Find a mascara that has the right wand for you.

How do you find the perfect mascara for you?


So, first things first. Mascara is a wet product which is used on a particularly sensitive area of your face. Which means that it can pick up bacteria and then become a breeding ground for infection. If you are to use your mascara everyday or even just for when you are at work, it generally has a lifespan between 3-4 months. Truth. Its not just the cosmetic companies trying to scare you into buying more products! I can guarantee too that after 3 months, there isn't much product left anyway….it is only when you get a new one that you remember what your lashes are supposed to look like!!

Taking your mascara (and ALL your makeup FYI) off at the end of your day/night is essential. Who wants to wake up looking like a panda? I have done it a number of times in the past (my youth….so long ago now!) and you don't wake up feeling pretty. Nor is it good for your skin to have all that product squished into your pores and under the eyes. Its always a good idea to give your lashes a rest from being covered by something that essentially makes them brittle.

If your mascara is heading south, the answer is not always purchasing a waterproof product. It comes down to the prep of your eye. Most eyelids tend to get a bit oily during the day and if it hasn't been prepped properly with some primer or powder then that oil starts working its way on to your lashes. This oil will start to break down the product and it ends up under your eye. Try dusting a bit of face powder on your eyelid before you start your makeup if you don't want to commit to a primer just yet….

Trial and error I say! The market is saturated with choice. Some people love the plastic combed wands and others love a bristle. Try not to get one with a huge head on it as it will end up everywhere.


When using your brand spanking new mascara, scrape the head of the wand back into the neck of the mascara to make sure you don't have too much product. Too much product = clumpy lashes.

If you ever have your makeup done by a makeup artist, promise me that you will stop the artist if they attempt to use mascara on you with anything other than a disposible wand. Otherwise, its the quickest way of getting gunk eye which does not look good on anyone…..there ain't any concealer thats going to cover that!!

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