love L O S T

You head to the make-up counter.

You ask to purchase your favourite product.

You find out that it has been discontinued....

Discontinued & Disappointing


I seem to have a knack of falling in love with makeup products that either get discontinued or they are limited edition. I am a MAC girl from waaaaaaaaay back and my kit is full to the brim with their delights. They are a company that pride themselves on evolving their products so that it is the absolute best that technology can make but also for creativity purposes. Personally, I have the type of personality that once I love something, I tend to always stick with it. So, when I run out of a discontinued product, its like a break-up!

Luckily we are surrounded by a huge array of cosmetic companies who are constantly bringing out new delights to play with though.

So here are some of my loves that have gotten the chop:

  • Wild About You lipstick - a deep dark wine matte that would make Lorde jealous…I’m going to say I started the whole dark lip thing waaaaay before her! Now I have moved on to a colour called Volga by Nars. Silky, matte and it does not shift. Its the perfect vavoooooom needed for a plain outfit. Seen here on the beautiful Kat on her wedding day...(image courtesy of John Benavente Photography)

Kat -

  • Spring Up eyeshadow - want to liven up your baby blues? This was a great soft lemon colour that made your eyes pop. Although  not quite as pastel yellow as Spring up, a good alternative is Retrospeck or Gorgeous Gold which is a beautiful muted gold.


  • Dirty Blonde Brow Pencil - this was perfect. W H Y?? It was ashy, the pigment density was excellent and it was super easy to blend. I now use & recommend the new MAC Big Brow Pencil in Fling for my blondie clients. They are a new release and they are permanent fixture...(for now!). I am VERY excited!

blonde pencil

  • Brow Definer Shadow - Now this is going back a few years, when I used to work for MAC! It was a washed out shadow that defined without being too dark. You used an angled brush to apply with small feathery strokes and you didn't even need to blend it. Nowadays, there are all sorts of products to choose from: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo where you use 2 colours to create dimension softly. If you don't want to commit to a specific brow powder, you can use normal eyeshadows too. Try Bobbi Brown shadows in colours like Grey, Malted, Blonde & Saddle using an angled brush like #204.

shadows:brow powder

So what products have you had discontinued that you absolutely L O V E D & wish you had stock-piled?

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