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We can design a look specifically for you!

We can design a look specifically for you!

and create something new...

Makeup can be an everyday routine that can become a bit of a bore.

I find at the turn of the seasons, it is a great time to evaluate what is in your makeup bag. Chuck out those wrong purchases and buy something new and fresh.

But where do you start? If you go to a makeup counter, they will sell you what their company has produced and only that. Although I am MAC girl I don’t only recommend their delights, I am open to other suggestions if I think there is a better product.

This past month has seen me making a lot of recommendations of makeup products during our Eyebrow Styling appointments. I love talking about makeup and leading people in the right direction to feeling and looking fabulous. It can be hard to demonstrate and make my recommendations as the appointment is too brief.

So, why don't you think about booking a lesson in with me? Let me get my bossy head on 🙂 I ask you to bring in your existing makeup & brushes and then we can sort through it. I will show you how to apply makeup in step-by-step instructions and then you can do the other side. I promise I will balance you before you walk out the door. And whats more, you get to take away eye charts, face charts and a tips and tricks booklet. Stick those charts on your mirror and follow the instructions. Easy!

Like anything, it takes practise and a bit of time. Before you know it, you will be polished, flawless and fresh in no time and you will have done it yourself!

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