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The colder weather has left my skin feeling less than happy. The temperature rises…the temperature drops. In this transitional phase of the year my skin doesn't know what to do with itself.

From personal experience I know that I absolutely hate getting out of the shower during winter…I have to give myself a serious talking to. And then its a mad rush to dry yourself as quickly as possible before literally leaping into your clothes. If only it was that simple and quick though. If anyone else is like me, the tightening of the skin quickly transcends to flakiness and its not pretty. I don’t like imitating a snake when my clothes peel off at the end of the day, its gross.

So what do we do to stop it from happening to our bodies? Hydrate, moisturise, hydrate, moisturise and then some more of the above if you get a chance.

Here are some tips to keep you smooth and silky during this in-between season where the skies cant seem to make up it’s mind:

Hydrate from within - Remember to drink plenty of water…we have a tendency to keep less hydrated when its colder, this will show in your skin!

Temperature - As tempting as it is, having a scolding hot shower dehydrates your skin (and makes it even more difficult to get out at the end!)

Cleansing Skin - Try to avoid any product that contains soap as this will strip your natural moisture and will leave you feeling extremely tight after. I Love Aesop’s Geranium Body Cleanser. When my dermatitis plays up I use Goats Milk Soap which is neutral and gentle to wash the day’s grime away.

Exfoliate - Keep it regular at once (or more if you can) a week if you can. This will remove the dead skin and it will help prevent ingrown hairs and pimples. Exfoliating encourages circulation…the more circulation to our skin cells, the plumper they are which will mean a beautiful smooth finish. Use an exfoliating mitt, a brush or an exfoliating scrub. I have just discovered a fantastic exfoliating scrub product called Frank Body….it smells divine and works an absolute treat!

Hydration - The market out there is completely saturated with choice for products, it really is a case of finding the right one for you. I like the more natural products, I find the more fragranced products are not as hydrating. Mind you, the Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm smells divine and that moisturises my body pretty darn well. Before I go to bed, I LOVE to absolutely baste my body in Coconut Oil…and yes I mean the stuff you cook with….you can’t get more natural than that and I smell delicious!

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