e y e b r o w s

how long will you let them grow out for?

Its funny how eyebrow shapes follow “trends". It doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the thicker brow that is in fashion at the moment but if you look through the past you can almost pinpoint the decade just by looking at the brows.

For every parent out there that refuses to let their children touch their own eyebrows, I salute you! Its this yearning we have as teenagers to remove hair, I can’t remember why I wanted to pluck my eyebrows, I think I just felt like its something I was meant to do. Luckily I didn’t get too pluck happy with them.

There are countless brows that I have rescued over the years from the dreaded "over pluck” and I know its a long and painful growing out process. Let me tell you, the regrowth doesn’t always come back where you want it. You can guarantee that those particularly useless hairs positioned on your eyelid will be persistent though. Frustrating.

I do think seeking help from a professional is a good idea. Would you cut your own hair? Nope. I have spoken to so many clients and they love their magnifying mirrors. I don’t. Its not real life and no one looks at us that closely (except maybe our loved ones and I would hope that they are forgiving).

What I would recommend is come in for a regular shape and then in between appointments you can do a little bit of tidying up. Below are some tips to help with the maintenance:

Tweezers   - I LOVE my Rubis tweezers that are angled and skinny at the tip. They get every hair first time and they allow me to grab the hair just as it breaks the surface. Tweezerman are great too.

Brow Comb   - By using a brow comb it will help keep the hair that you want to actually keep out of the way whilst you pluck. I like to use a plain mascara wand.

Magnifying mirrors   - Its a distorted perception of our face. Instead use a normal mirror and remember to take a step back occasionally so you can see your whole face.

Good Lighting   - This should not be the natural lighting in your car. Using your rear vision mirror. Whilst you are stopped at the traffic lights. PLEASE. Overhead lighting can create a shadow from the brow bone so I do find natural lighting is the best. Sit in the garden with a cuppa or by a window in your house with a hand held mirror. Alternatively if you happen to have a mirror with lights around it like the celebrities do, use that!

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