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Gel Liner creating a fluid definition.

Eyeliner is there to define and to create extra depth at the base of your lashes helping them to look longer. It can also be used to add a pop of colour.

To create a smooth defined eye here are a couple of products and methods to help:

Pen - It is exactly how it sounds. It usually has a nib which the product will automatically flow out of. Try this Mac Fluidline Pen.

Gel - My favourite. depending on the brand this is not going to shift. I love the Mac Chromaline in Black. Its waterproof, the pigment is strong and using the right brush you can get the line ridiculously thin. Bobbi Brown also do a great range of colours for their Gel Liners and they are fabulous. I use both of these products on my brides and it is cry proof and smudgeproof. I love the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Liner Brush and also the MAC Angle #208 Brush. Both are great to create a bit of a flick at the outer eye which is a fab way to make the eye look elongated too.

Application Tips:

  • A steady hand is essential and I find the easiest way to apply is to join dots along the lash line. If you draw in one long line, you risk drawing a squiffy line that doesn't fit snug along the lashes due to the curve of the eyeball.
  • Try to apply your eyeliner with your eye open with your head tipped back. If you close one eye at a time, the skin will pucker making it hard to get a smooth line.
  • If you don't create that sharp line, don't fret. Cotton tips and a bit of eye makeup remover will clean it up in no time. Shake your makeup remover so you get fluffy bubbles sitting on the top so you can dip your cotton tip into it without getting too much product!

I absolutely LOVE to teach people how to do their makeup. Don't forget, if you want some hands on coaching I'm your girl!

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