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Why does my eyeshadow crease?

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This is a question I get asked a lot and it really comes down to the shape of your eye and its natural contours.

Your eye is constantly moving so the skin on the upper lid is constantly rubbing. This means that the friction and warmth creates a bit of oil to be produced. When eyeshadow has been on for a while, that oil slick is going to make an appearance and that shadow starts gathering and well, it doesn't look very fresh does it?

So how do you stop it from happening?

There are a couple of options and it all comes down to how you prep the skin.

  1. C o n c e a l e r - Should you use foundation/concealer on the eyelid? Well that depends. If you want to even out the skin-tone with your foundation/concealer it MUST then be set with a powder using a fluffy brush. Liquid product + oil = oil slick.
  2. P o w d e r - Cut out the foundation on the eyelid and just use a fluffy brush to sweep face powder from lashes all the way up to your brow bone. It will even out the skin-tone AND get rid of that grease.
  3. P r i m e r - They are a dime a dozen. They come in different forms. They will tend to be in a paste form that will dry to a powdery finish. Which ones do I recommend?

          Smashbox Photo Finish Lid      Primer Laura Mercier Eye Basics           Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

  4. B a s e Shadow - I LOVE Bobbi Brown’s Bone Shadow. Its an eyeshadow but acts as a fantastic medium to blend other colours on top. It will even out the skin tone and due to its starchy texture, it will absorb that moisture. Apply it with a big fluffy brush from lashes to eyebrows.
  5. C r e a m base - Think of these as a creme eyeshadow but one that doesn't shift. They come in a variety of colours for the lid. This means they can be worn by themselves or they can actually intensify the eyeshadow on top. Some of my favs are MAC Paint Pots and also Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadows.

It really comes down to personal preference though. If you want me to show you some options, we can always book in a lesson. I am here to help!

I know for me, that if I apply my makeup first thing in the morning, I don't want to have to think about it again until I want to take it off...Call me l a z y but that is the way I roll 🙂 xx


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