Makeup Lessons

Makeup kit

I believe that we can all achieve flawless and beautiful makeup after learning some vital tips and tricks. With the right brushes and colour palette I can show you how to create a variety of looks. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of guidance and I love to show my clients how easy it can be.

What can you expect from the lesson?

I recommend my clients to bring in their existing makeup and brushes. We can sort through the products that are used and ones that may need throwing away.

We will discuss your skincare routine, I can recommend products to ensure that you create skin that is well nourished. We can evaluate what your current makeup regime is and work out any specific areas to practise during the lesson.

Our session will be a fully interactive 2 hour lesson and we will cover:

  • An “on the run” day makeup that can be done with minimal amount of  products.
  • An every day look that is designed to be long-lasting
  • A special makeup application

I can show you how to intensify your everyday makeup by using a couple of products to create a more night-time look with the use of a few products.

I will provide you with a Tips and Tricks booklet for you to take home which will include step by step instructions on the looks we have created during the lesson. I will also include eye charts and face charts for you to refer to, think of it as a makeup map for you to practise with.

One thing I always tell my clients is that it will take a little bit of practise. At first it may seem like a lot of steps but the more practise you do, the quicker and more confident you will be. Its a hands on lesson and I really love to inject a bit of fun and creativity.