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f a c e hacks

Ladies. We are all looking for ways to help our makeup stay on longer. Make it easier to apply. And be more thrifty whilst we are at it! There is no better time to start than at the beginning of the year. I have some life-changing helpful hints/hacks to share with you. And the best…
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the p l u n g e

Sometimes, you have to just follow your h e a r t .

I am lucky to have the pleasure of meeting a lot of people through my work and I LOVE the relationships and opportunities that unfold from our interactions.

Olivia Babarczy had been working in the corporate game for many years when she decided it was time to mix things up. She wanted to invest her time in something she had a love for.

R e s o r t  w e a r .

Olivia was just about to have her fourth child when she decided to launch this new project. I think she is Superwoman! The Plunge Collective was born and since its launch in November it has been dressing ladies in fun and beautiful patterned kaftans Australia wide. Lightweight with a silk and cotton blend means you can throw it on for any occasion and they feel fabulous.

When Olivia asked me to help with the hair and makeup for the shoot, I jumped at the chance. Using pinterest we came up with a glowing bronzed look for our model, Jira from Chic Management. Jira made my job so very EASY. What a beauty and what a professional.

m a k e u p   b r e a k d o w n

Skin : when working with perfect skin, you really don't need to do much. Hydrate it with MAC Lightful C Formula, dot on some Select Cover Up Concealer where it is needed under the eyes and buff on a very light layer of Smashbox BB Cream. Seal it in with a spray of Fix + and we were ready!

Eyes : Gold and bronze. I used Fix + with a flat #239 brush to spread Vintage Gold Pigment over Jira’s lid. It creates a fantastic moist look to the eyelid without looking like the product is clammy. I used Shadester Sculpting powder to contour her eyes. I wanted to define her eyes without being too dark so I used a great pencil called Powersurge. Its an ashy bronze colour that seems to suit everyone and you can pop it in the waterline for adding a bit of oomph and get rid of any redness.

Lashes : Fluffy lashes were created with individual lashes evenly spread out along the eye. I used a combination of the short and medium length Ardell lashes and used minimal mascara so that the lashes looked less brittle.

Lips : We wanted to a have a few different looks using different colours. I used: Morange (orange), Rebel (dark plum) with Currant Lipliner blended, Shy Girl (nude) and Lady Danger (tomato red).

Warmth : I wanted to keep the cheeks very neutral as Jira would be in a number of outfits and the look was all about glow and bronze. I brought in warmth by using Shadester on Jira’s forehead and cheeks and applied a beautiful blush called Trace Gold. It has a soft gold shimmer to it so it gave the cheeks a subtle sheen.

Hair : Using my trusty GHD straightener I was able to create some fantastic soft curls in Jira's hair. We were going to accessorise one of the kaftans with a turban and then have a number of different hairstyles to vary the look. The secret here is to not use too many products as the hair has to stay malleable. I am a big fan of the Unite products especially the Texturiza Spray . Its great for styling freshly washed dry hair and giving dirtier hair a bit of a boost.

Photo credits must go to the talented Fashion Photographer Andrew Babarczy who flew up from Melbourne to be a part of the fun.

Best of Luck to The Plunge Collective and I cant wait to see more fabulous prints in the next season. xx

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5 m i n s…. 3 p r o d u c t s

What can you do when you are time poor and feeling a bit flat?

Why you can paint your face with pretty things! It will INSTANTLY make you feel better and the good news is that it doesn't need to involve a million and one products. I have a lot of clients who are mums and I know for a fact that they have no time for on ladies!!

I did my makeup today with 3 products. Yep, just 3. I was feeling lazy, I was feeling tired and I had 5 minutes to rejuvenate myself before my first appt of the day.

So, what products did I use?

  • Base - Flawless skin is an instant booster to the self-esteem and I will be honest, if you look like you have good fresh skin, less fancy makeup is needed overall. I know personally that if I look less tired, I feel less tired. Prep your skin with your usual skincare and really massage that moisturiser in (avoiding on top of the eyelid to prevent oily lids). Then, get your foundation (I used Face & Body by MAC) and buff it into your skin. Some people like their hands, I like to use the #168 Brush by MAC. Its fluffy and makes polishing the product super easy without creating lines on the face.
  • Colour - One word….Lipstick! Its that simple. Today I used a great lippie by MAC called Blankety. To get that pop of colour on my cheeks, I smiled at myself in the mirror and then used my fingertip to apply it on to the apples of my cheeks. I then blended it softy up into my hairline. Draw it on your lips as normal. AND then…… can just sweep a little bit of the colour on your eyelid. No really! A soft colour like Blankety will definitely work as a touch of colour but a hot pink lipstick will definitely not (unless you want to look like you have been up all night!).
  • Lashes - Mascara will help open up the eye and will create the illusion that your lashes are long and lustrous. I tip my head back and then wiggle the bristle of the brush from the base of my lashes all the way to the tips. By doing a zig-zag motion you will help separate the lashes and any clumps and also help get the product either side of the hair. I LOVE the MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara because it has 2 different bristles to choose from.

Voila! Simple, easy and great for us busy folk where time is not on our side!

Off I toodle!

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Another business year for me draws to an end. And a honeymoon begins.

Pretty exciting times.

Christmas and the festive season is always wonderful for a number of reasons. Family gets reunited. We have an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of food. We have an excuse to drink a ridiculous amount of booze. Its a time to reflect on the past year.

There have been some pretty big life events in the past year for me lets be honest. The most obvious ones are my marriage to my beau and becoming an Aunty again not once but twice this year. Such heartwarming stuff. I’ve tried to fit in as many cuddles as humanly possible (from mentioned family additions AND the beau haha!). And of course there have been smaller scale events that has been warming me to my cockles. I also said goodbye to 2 wisdom teeth...Adios!

It has been 8 years since I left MAC Cosmetics and I went out on my own. That time has gone pretty darn quickly and sometimes it has been hard to catch a breathe. But, I love it. I honestly do. The early mornings, the long days, the client interactions, the creativity and the fun I get to have with makeup and plucking. Pure and utter enjoyment. But, I think what really makes it is the clients. So you guys reading this, a BIG thank you for letting me  continue to do what I love.

So, Merry Christmas to you all. May your turkeys provide leftovers for days to come, your elasticated waists be stretched to eternity and your family time be full of fun stuff and smiles.

I’m off to Africa to go find some animals and seek some adventure xxx

# n o f i l t e r

I PROMISE to NOT use filters on any of my photos that showcase my work....

Do you know why? Because my work is about real life, real vision and what we see in real time. None of us are walking around with filters on our eyes. There are so many apps to help us achieve a flawless and in my honest opinion an unrealistic look nowadays. I think it is messing with our perception!

Instagram is wonderful for a lot of things but I'm beginning to think that "reality" is being a little bit warped.

Granted, filters can make a photo look pretty. They can accentuate colours. They can smooth out lines and creases. They can make us look younger. Give that photo a tea-stained sepia tinge and we are instantly "vintage". There is even a function where you can whiten teeth and eyeballs!

Its clever. Not only are we "smugging" about an amazing experience that we are having (and actually not being that present in the moment because we HAVE to record it on our phones) but we can now look EXTRA beautiful whilst doing it!

I am a sucker for it, I've definitely used them on myself in the past...if in doubt, change your photo to black and white and I can guarantee you will instantly look better haha!

Some may argue that makeup itself is "fake" and "cheating" and I suppose I would agree to a certain degree. We use it because we want to look our best, we like the transformation and the confidence it brings. Makeup should NOT feel or look like a mask though.

So, my instagram account that displays my makeup won't have filters on, no sireeeeeee. I want to showcase my work, I want it to be MY work. No clever lighting. No filter. And no plastic fantastic models either. I like to see how beautiful a woman can look naturally.

Let's look and enjoy the REAL things in life!