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a n g r y birds

Are you planning on being on stage any time soon? No?

Then lets tone things down shall we??

I am all for a defined eyebrow but ladies…. please. What is going on??

This new trend of over-darkening your brows needs to fade out. It’s great on a stage, it looks great with the right lighting and fabulous with the right filter. Everyday life, not so much.

In England we call them “Scouse” brows which refers to a particular region of the UK where people are of a certain overly made-up, bad fake tan calibre. Grab a “sharpie” and draw ya brows on. Nice. Here in Australia its taken inspiration from some very talented drag queens.

I believe that eyebrows should be seen on the face but should NOT be the 1st thing you look at. slow down on the “angry eyes” people.

Blend it...please!!!!

Blend it...please!!!!

Sometimes, we may need a little bit of extra definition on our eyebrows. This can be done using a variety of products, the market is saturated with choice.

I'm not a big fan of tinting as I find that even when the colour is perfect initially, with the washing of your face it tends to last only about a week. Regrowth can look pretty interesting too when the brows have been lightened…tiger stripes anyone?

I usually like to recommend using a small angled brush to apply a shadow to fill in any gaps in the brow and create some extra definition. There are specific eyebrow powders or use a matte eyeshadow instead. I always comb through after applying the colour with a clean mascara wand to remove excess product, this will soften any harsh lines too.

Blend it and soften it!

Blend it and soften it!

A pencil can be used but ladies, keep it light and blend it! If you draw on a looks like a line. Soften it! I am in LOVE with the new MAC Big Brow Pencils. They provide a powdery finish and don't require much combing through with a wand or brush.

Big Brow Pencil

Big Brow Pencil

Coloured brow gels are also an option for eyebrows that are a little patchy in colour.

Do you trust yourself with a long-lasting tattoo pen?

Do you trust yourself with a long-lasting tattoo pen?

And the latest trend are the eyebrow "tattoo" pens and gels. Do they work? Hmmmm I'm testing a few to find out. Watch this space!

love L O S T

You head to the make-up counter.

You ask to purchase your favourite product.

You find out that it has been discontinued....

Discontinued & Disappointing


I seem to have a knack of falling in love with makeup products that either get discontinued or they are limited edition. I am a MAC girl from waaaaaaaaay back and my kit is full to the brim with their delights. They are a company that pride themselves on evolving their products so that it is the absolute best that technology can make but also for creativity purposes. Personally, I have the type of personality that once I love something, I tend to always stick with it. So, when I run out of a discontinued product, its like a break-up!

Luckily we are surrounded by a huge array of cosmetic companies who are constantly bringing out new delights to play with though.

So here are some of my loves that have gotten the chop:

  • Wild About You lipstick - a deep dark wine matte that would make Lorde jealous…I’m going to say I started the whole dark lip thing waaaaay before her! Now I have moved on to a colour called Volga by Nars. Silky, matte and it does not shift. Its the perfect vavoooooom needed for a plain outfit. Seen here on the beautiful Kat on her wedding day...(image courtesy of John Benavente Photography)

Kat -

  • Spring Up eyeshadow - want to liven up your baby blues? This was a great soft lemon colour that made your eyes pop. Although  not quite as pastel yellow as Spring up, a good alternative is Retrospeck or Gorgeous Gold which is a beautiful muted gold.


  • Dirty Blonde Brow Pencil - this was perfect. W H Y?? It was ashy, the pigment density was excellent and it was super easy to blend. I now use & recommend the new MAC Big Brow Pencil in Fling for my blondie clients. They are a new release and they are permanent fixture...(for now!). I am VERY excited!

blonde pencil

  • Brow Definer Shadow - Now this is going back a few years, when I used to work for MAC! It was a washed out shadow that defined without being too dark. You used an angled brush to apply with small feathery strokes and you didn't even need to blend it. Nowadays, there are all sorts of products to choose from: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo where you use 2 colours to create dimension softly. If you don't want to commit to a specific brow powder, you can use normal eyeshadows too. Try Bobbi Brown shadows in colours like Grey, Malted, Blonde & Saddle using an angled brush like #204.

shadows:brow powder

So what products have you had discontinued that you absolutely L O V E D & wish you had stock-piled?

# n o f i l t e r

I PROMISE to NOT use filters on any of my photos that showcase my work....

Do you know why? Because my work is about real life, real vision and what we see in real time. None of us are walking around with filters on our eyes. There are so many apps to help us achieve a flawless and in my honest opinion an unrealistic look nowadays. I think it is messing with our perception!

Instagram is wonderful for a lot of things but I'm beginning to think that "reality" is being a little bit warped.

Granted, filters can make a photo look pretty. They can accentuate colours. They can smooth out lines and creases. They can make us look younger. Give that photo a tea-stained sepia tinge and we are instantly "vintage". There is even a function where you can whiten teeth and eyeballs!

Its clever. Not only are we "smugging" about an amazing experience that we are having (and actually not being that present in the moment because we HAVE to record it on our phones) but we can now look EXTRA beautiful whilst doing it!

I am a sucker for it, I've definitely used them on myself in the past...if in doubt, change your photo to black and white and I can guarantee you will instantly look better haha!

Some may argue that makeup itself is "fake" and "cheating" and I suppose I would agree to a certain degree. We use it because we want to look our best, we like the transformation and the confidence it brings. Makeup should NOT feel or look like a mask though.

So, my instagram account that displays my makeup won't have filters on, no sireeeeeee. I want to showcase my work, I want it to be MY work. No clever lighting. No filter. And no plastic fantastic models either. I like to see how beautiful a woman can look naturally.

Let's look and enjoy the REAL things in life!



h e l l o

N e w  M a r t h a  B.


After nearly 8 years of being Ms Independent, I have finally learnt how to enjoy some down time and I think I may have got the hang of this whole balancing “life” thing.

I do feel extremely fortunate that I love my job. Whether it be my eyebrow shaping appointments, my brides or my makeup lessons I thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend with my clients.

I swear I use up all my social energy at work sometimes. I love talking to my clients and building relationships. I still have my first ever eyebrow shaping client that comes to see me, Ms JB. She has become a good friend and I love our catch-ups, in fact she was there to celebrate my recent wedding with me. My clients are a BIG part of my life.

Up until a year ago, i panicked if i wasn’t completely booked out 6 weeks in advance, it was exhausting. But, now with a little looser schedule I like to think that I have more mental capacity to focus on the things that I love.

I work extremely hard and the one way I like to reward myself is with an adventure overseas. In fact, I live for my holidays. What do they say? “Travelling is the only thing in life that makes you richer”. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t need much encouragement!

I have discovered that with me working slightly less hours, I am actually a nicer person. I reckon my husband will agree 🙂 Its important to have hobbies. For me I love to exercise and to immerse myself in crafty things. Currently I am loving colouring in…who would have thought that could be such a stress reliever? Its ace.

Balance. Thats what it comes down to.

Stay tuned to my blog to learn some tips and tricks with makeup application and skin maintenance. I've got all sorts of advice about fake tan, exfoliating, eyeliner application, eyebrows and so much more!

I am truly grateful to each and everyone of my clients for their support and loyalty over the years. Thank you for letting me continue to do what I LOVE to do. xxx

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