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anouche & tom

r a i n

You can plan everything to the finest detail. And then on your wedding day, it  r  a  i  n  s .

And it doesn't   s  t  o  p  !

Anouche was calm and it didn't faze her the slightest about the dreary skies. She has been coming to me for 8 years for brow maintenance and I love our pommy banter and catchups. It was important to have people involved in the day that she knew and felt cofmortable with. An unsual quirk of the day was her hairdresser doubled up as her photographer too. Oh to be that creative and multi-talented…I wish! Matt did an epic job of capturing the spirit of the day and I’m pretty sure he got to enjoy the party later on 🙂

anouche makeup anouche prep

The theme to this makeup was m i n i m a l. Anouche was adamant that Tom needed to recognise her as she walked in. It was going to be a low key event held in the private dining room at Balmoral Bathers and I don't think anyone was expecting her to be wearing a wedding dress. She sure showed them and she was positively glowing. No amount of wet weather was going to get in the way of a good time.

Anouche & Tom Anouche open door anouche tom sitting

So what delightful products did I use on this beauty and what tips can I share??

B a s e - Anouche has struggled with her skin this past year and we were very conscious of creating a base that covered but didn't mask. My biggest tip would be to still use a light-medium coverage like Face & Body and then conceal any spots, scars or redness with concealer. A great tip to cover pimples is to use a fluffy brush to apply Mineralise Skin Finish Powder…it deflects the light and creates a smooth finish.

E y e s - How did I make her baby blues pop? Soft lemony golds…the eyeshadow I used is called Spring up but it has been discontinued….not particularly helpful i know!! But you could use something like Retrospeck and Goldmine mixed together.

B r o w s - I am a big fan of the MAC Big Brow Pencil in Fling for us blondies. The colour and texture is perfect. It is also super easy to use and requires minimal blending. Eyebrow hair can naturally be a mixed bag of colours so I love to use a coloured brow gel…on Avouch I used “Emphatically Blonde” by MAC.

L i p s - How do you pick a natural shade of lipstick? Think of finding something that is like a “foundation” for your lips. You match the colour of your normal foundation to your skin so why not seek out a lip colour that is closest to your natural shade. And oooooomph it up with some gloss like the PLushglass range from MAC.

Anouche window

What did I love about this wedding? Firstly, I got be involved in Anouche’s big day (obviously!). But her easy breezy nature is what weddings should be about….don’t sweat the small stuff & the rain…just revel in the company of your loved ones and have a bloody good time!


Greta & Rumesh

Bridal m a k e u p  breakdown

I landed back in Sydney from my honeymoon in Africa on the 26th December at 10.30pm. I arrived at Greta’s family home on the 27th December at 6am to start makeup for her big day! Yep thats a matter of hours!! I didn't even have time to be tired and any jet lag I was feeling was replaced by excitement. I committed to being involved because Greta has such a kind and warm soul so I didn't want to miss out on seeing her on her big day. Nothing gets in the way of me being able to do what I LOVE.

Greta prep room greta prep

For an early start, everyone was remarkably perky and fresh. Ready to rock and roll!! The first thing I noticed about all the bridesmaids was their friendship & love for one another. All 6 of them! It was going to be a busy morning.

 greta cheers maids

The girls were going to be wearing a flattering pewter blue dress so I wanted to work a suitable colour scheme into the makeup. FYI just because you are wearing a blue dress, does NOT mean you should wear blue eyeshadow!! I kept the eyeshadows on the cooler side by incorporating Vex, Copperplate and Scene on the eyelid. I buffed Club eyeshadow over the top of Chromaline. This is an amazing eyeshadow as it is a double tone. It is a warm brown base with a green shimmer layered on top, it suits everyone!

Greta dressing greta dressing coy

I think we can all agree that Greta's skin is glowing and super smooth. I had encouraged her to exfoliate a couple of times a week in the lead up to the big day and it shows. I mixed Studio Fix Fluid with a mixing medium to create a silky flawless finish.

Greta closeup Greta down

Greta has beautiful green eyes so we started on the lid with Woodwinked and blended her socket with Antiqued and then intensified it with Embark. I popped All That Glitters on the inner part of the eye to ping open Greta's eyes, this a great trick to compliment emerald coloured eyes. I wanted her lashes to look long and lustrous so I applied black gel liner Chromaline along her lash line.

greta doorway Greta earring

Greta had her braces off only a matter of weeks before the wedding and she could not stop smiling and showing her beautiful pearlers off. We still wanted to keep the lips neutral as we wanted to accentuate her eyes so I applied Modesty Lipstick with Big Baby Plushglass gloss over the top.

greta & maids

Thank you to Callan Robison Photography for sharing the beautiful images of Greta's big day. You are such a talent and a delight to work with.

n a t a s h a & matt

Natasha & Matt

I don’t actually remember how Natasha came to me but I’m glad she did. What a beautiful soul she is. There were so many elements I loved about this wedding. It was simple and the celebration was a surprise…even to her bridesmaid!

They had gathered all their friends and family for an engagement party and caught everyone off guard by actually having the wedding then and there. Natasha said that she didn’t want the fuss and expense of a big wedding but wanted to mark the big occasion sharing it with their close friend, family and their son. Celebrating in Matt’s parents backyard which they had decorated with flowers from the flowers markets was the perfect laid-back backdrop.

Natasha has amazing skin, it is absolutely flawless so we didn’t need much foundation at all. A quick touch of Pro Longwear concealer under the eyes and a sweep of face and body foundation set with some sheer powder is all that she needed. Lots of lashes and a black Chromaline Gel liner to define and extend the lash line. The eyeshadow colours on the lid were kept neutral with retrospeck and kid in the contour.

Natasha finishing touchesNatasha happy

A great tip for opening up the eyes is to use a light coloured pencil on the lower inner waterline. White can look a bit stark and unnatural so instead I tend to use a concealer pencil called Studio Chromagraphic Pencil in NW20. By putting it along the lash line it attracts light to the area creating a fresher more wide-eyed look. This is a great trick when you are tired (or hungover!)

Natasha Beauty

Natasha -

The photos are stunning and I think they can be best described as natural & honest. Margan Photography have captured the day earnestly and the happy couple look effortlessly calm and stylish.

w e d d i n g – Becky & Mark

  • _HR12929
  • _HR12955
  • _HR13490
  • _HR14127

I have known Becky for about 10 years now. She first started to visit me when I was plucking eyebrows at MAC in David Jones and she soon became a regular client. Then, after I left MAC I would go and visit her office and she would book a meeting room for me. I would pluck her and her colleagues in a boardroom overlooking the harbour. It was a genius idea, they never had to leave their office building but they could maintain a beauty routine. I would visit every 6 weeks and it was great…they would be back at their desks before their boss’s would notice!

We lost contact whilst she changed jobs and had babies. But, she found me again and it was exciting to hear that Mark and her had decided to get married after 15 years of being together. I put up my hand to do the makeup and I was honoured to be part of their big day.

So beautiful. So effortless. And it makes me feel mighty grateful that I could be a part of Becky's big day.

m a k e u p   b r e a k d o w n :

1 y e a r & still going strong

  • 00054
  • 00063
  • 00066
  • 00084
  • 00102
  • 00154
  • 00183
  • 00194
  • 00211
  • 00285
  • 00324
  • 00327

Time has absolutely flown. I have just celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary, which blows my mind.

It really was the best day. I would happily do it again & again….mind you, the old bank account probably wouldn't allow it. So much planning and headspace too but ALL worth it!

I still question whether I should have drunk quite so much alcohol the night before with my bridesmaids….especially as I had been on a detox for the month leading up. I was one eager beaver to get the party started. I did a hell of a lot of rehydrating with drinking coconut water and then moisturising the morning of the wedding. It is amazing the difference having a glass or 2 of vino makes on the skin. I may have had tired skin but I had a very happy heart!

I realised I never did do a product breakdown of my makeup look. So, I thought now is as good as time as any!

m a k e u p  b r e a k d o w n

Base : I used Face & Body Foundation all over my face because I LOVE the finish and the fluidity. I built up coverage with Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. And then underneath my eyes (where my slight hangover was evident) I used Select Cover Up Concealer….10 hours sleep in a tube!

Lid : The look I wanted was all about the eyes. Gold hues against blue eyes make them POP and this was a day I wanted them to shine. Goldmine by MAC is one of my favourites which I pressed onto the eyelid. A really simple thing to do to freshen up the eyes is to use a light colour on the inner part of the eye. I love a colour called Nylon which is a very pale lemon colour applied with a soft fluffy brush like the #217.

Socket : Contouring doesn't have to be difficult. Start off with a medium colour like Kid that follows the outer part bone socket to about two thirds of the way towards the inner eye. Then I started darkening the outer socket with Tempting and then Sketch.

Waterproof : On an emotional day like this it was imperative that I used waterproof products. BlackTrack Fluidline and Haute & Naughty Waterproof Mascara kept any streaking on hold.

Lashes ; I cant go past the individual lashes. They stay on better than the row of lashes and I love how you can build the thickness and length where it is needed for each individual. Personally, the Ardell lashes are my favourite. They are easy, they don't look synthetic and they don't break the bank.

Brows : One word for us blondes. Fling. It is the BEST colour for us lighter haired ladies. Unfortunately MAC refuse to bring it out in anything but a skinny pencil that only winds up (and not down). Use it every day and you are likely to burn through it in about 6 weeks. Annoying and expensive! Save it for special occasions 🙂

Warmth : I used a bronzer by MAC called Shadester. They call it a sculpting powder so it means that you can create a very contoured look. It is matte and it is the perfect colour as it minimal redness in its hue and it has no shimmer BUT the pigment is extremely strong so blend, blend, blend.

Blush : I wanted to keep the glow to my cheeks so I used a combination of Margin and Springsheen. They have a fine milled shimmer to them which creates a radiancy to the skin when it catches the light. They are my absolute favourites.

Lips : I LOVE my red lipstick, especially a fabulous colour called Lady Danger by Mac but I knew I wanted to have a good snog at the alter and I didn't think that the colour would necessarily suit the hubby. So I decided that I wouldn’t upstage my eyes so I kept it very light and soft by using a great lipstick called Blankety. I then topped it up with my favourite lipgloss called Big Baby.

Make it last : I love to set my makeup so I spray Urban Decay All Nighter once my makeup is complete. It helps rehydrate the skin creating a dewy finish and it helps to keep all the products in place.

I would like to thank my friend Tara who applied my lashes for me as I would never have been able to apply those individual little suckers with all my excitement. She also did a beautiful job of my bridesmaids makeup.

And I will always be grateful for Vicki Macfarlane, who is the best bridal hair lady in town. She knows her way around a head and over the years I have worked many a wedding with her. My hair did not move and it was an absolute pleasure to have her there with me on my big day.

What a day, what a year and what a marriage. So far, so good 🙂 xxx

w e d d i n g – Alison & Justin

  • Alison & maids beach
  • Alison & Maids Rain
  • Alison Car
  • Alison Final Touches
  • Alison Makeup Corner
  • Alison Nearly Finished
  • Alison Smile


The weather could not make up its mind. Would Alison and Justin be able to get married outside as planned? Yes, yes they would! It certainly was a bit dicey there for a while…but rain and clouds can certainly produce a beautiful backdrop and light for the photographs. Creek St Photography has captured it wonderfully, follow the link to see more on their blog.


m a k e u p    b r e a k d o w n
  • Skin:  Alison had quite dry skin when we first met so her mission was to hydrate intensely. I recommended for her to exfoliate twice a week with Clinique 7 Day Scrub and also intensifying her moisturiser with either Rosehip Oil or a serum. Her skin was radiant for the wedding day.
  • Base:  Studio Fix Fluid was buffed into her skin mixed with Fix + Spray to make the foundation easier to spread. The coverage can be a little intense with this foundation so i like to thin it out when I am working with good skin.
  • Eyes:  Natural but with definition. I love to work with the MAC Paint Pots as a base so I used Vintage Selection on Alison. They stop moisture coming through the eyelid and they create a fantastic medium to apply & blend the eyeshadows.
  • Eyebrows:  We had a mission of growing out Alison’s brows leading up to the big day and with a bit of perseverance we got them to a great shape. On the day, we filled them in with Fling Brow Pencil and then kept the hairs in place with Emphatically Blonde Brow Gel.
  • Cheeks:  I used Springsheen Blush as this really made Alison’s skin glow and we contoured with a bronzer called Shadstar.


Wedding Gown: Mia Solano      Photography: Creek Street    Hair: Jaimi Neal @ Blondes and Bows Hair Artistry

f a i r y t a l e

A warehouse space.   Stunning Gowns.   A photographer with a fairytale vision.

“In the Q u i e t”

We hired a fantastic space in Lilyfield called Legs on the Wall which used to be a Parachute Hall. The light is amazing first thing in the morning and it is a space that can capture and cast shadows in just the right place. Kerstin from Lillikad is my favourite photographer to work with and she has again used her magical eye and lens to time stamp the dreamy “Sleeping Beauty” story behind this photoshoot.

Celine, our gorgeous model absolutely loved wearing the gowns by Karen Willis Holmes and it shows in the photos. She has such a youthful and innocent look to her and it was perfect for the feel of the shoot.

The amazing floristry was created by Oh Flora, it was a treat to be able to watch how another artist works and produces their art.

m a k e u p  b r e a k d o w n

  • Base: When you are working with amazingly even skin, keep it light and fresh! Face & Body Foundation mixed with Fix + Spray and buffed in with 189 Brush
  • Eyebrows: Clear Eyebrow Gel

Can you believe I did the hair??? Celine had A LOT of hair to work with so it did test my capabilities but I think after all these years of working in a hair salon and witnessing the handiwork of hairdressers I know my way around a head… Or at least I can bluff it! In fact, I love it. I love the challenge. Its in my nature to break things down and I love to work out how things work and why they look good. I am pretty chuffed with the results!

ITQ 3 ITQ 4 ITQ 2 ITQ 5 ITQ 1 ITQ 6 ITQ 7 ITQ 8 ITQ 10 ITQ 11


Photography: Lillikad Photography     Floral Styling: Oh Flora     Beautiful Gowns: Karen Willis Holmes 

Stationary:  The Little Press      Model: Celine @ Brazen Models

ocean d r e a m i n g

  • Lilli Kad Photography-2
  • Lilli Kad Photography-6
  • Lilli Kad Photography-8
  • Lilli Kad Photography-9
  • Lilli Kad Photography-11
  • Lilli Kad Photography-24
  • Lilli Kad Photography-27
  • Lilli Kad Photography-50
  • Lilli Kad Photography-23
  • Lilli Kad Photography-28
  • Lilli Kad Photography-29
  • Lilli Kad Photography-48
  • Lilli Kad Photography-41

It really was a perfect day for shooting.

Kerstin from Lilli Kad Photography, Gwendolynne Bridal Design and myself had been planning this shoot for ages. We set a date, gowns were sent, our gorgeous model Jade was booked and we were ready to rock and roll. Don’t you love it when the stars align?

Gwendolynne sent us 3 beautiful dresses for Jade to wear and each one of them was as stunning as the next.

The style of the shoot was soft and muted creating a dreamy sensation with the imagery. Kerstin is a magician with this kind of photography!

Blessed Days set up a beautiful wedding table with styled flowers and beautiful cutlery and table settings.

Luc from YM Salon created a couple of different hair looks including an inverted braid. Jade our model has the most incredible volume of hair so it was easy to create texture.

The brief for the makeup was simple, ethereal and non-distracting. We really wanted the dresses and the backdrop to be the main focus and I think we achieved that!


Jade has wonderful skin so we used Face & Body as her foundation and used Moisture Cover concealer to eradicate dark circles.

I wanted to keep the makeup ethereal so I used a soft blush on her cheeks called Dainty by MAC. I then swept this over her eyelids too.

I then very softly contoured her eyes with a great MAC eyeshadow called Kid using a very soft blending brush (#217).

Mascara on her lashes and light cream colour pencil on her waterline gave Jade a fresh and open eye.

I used a soft lipstick called Fabby on the lips just applied with my finger to create a stained effect.

h e l l o

N e w  M a r t h a  B.


After nearly 8 years of being Ms Independent, I have finally learnt how to enjoy some down time and I think I may have got the hang of this whole balancing “life” thing.

I do feel extremely fortunate that I love my job. Whether it be my eyebrow shaping appointments, my brides or my makeup lessons I thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend with my clients.

I swear I use up all my social energy at work sometimes. I love talking to my clients and building relationships. I still have my first ever eyebrow shaping client that comes to see me, Ms JB. She has become a good friend and I love our catch-ups, in fact she was there to celebrate my recent wedding with me. My clients are a BIG part of my life.

Up until a year ago, i panicked if i wasn’t completely booked out 6 weeks in advance, it was exhausting. But, now with a little looser schedule I like to think that I have more mental capacity to focus on the things that I love.

I work extremely hard and the one way I like to reward myself is with an adventure overseas. In fact, I live for my holidays. What do they say? “Travelling is the only thing in life that makes you richer”. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t need much encouragement!

I have discovered that with me working slightly less hours, I am actually a nicer person. I reckon my husband will agree 🙂 Its important to have hobbies. For me I love to exercise and to immerse myself in crafty things. Currently I am loving colouring in…who would have thought that could be such a stress reliever? Its ace.

Balance. Thats what it comes down to.

Stay tuned to my blog to learn some tips and tricks with makeup application and skin maintenance. I've got all sorts of advice about fake tan, exfoliating, eyeliner application, eyebrows and so much more!

I am truly grateful to each and everyone of my clients for their support and loyalty over the years. Thank you for letting me continue to do what I LOVE to do. xxx